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  • Me during I'll Cover You:

    -headbopping, swaying side to side- Live in my house, I'll be your shelter! -skips- Just pay me back with a thousand sweet kisses!

  • Me during I'll Cover You reprise:

    -shaking and sobbing- B-be my -sniffle- l-lover, I'll c-cover youuuuasdsdfkjgdsj.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

every now and then a show comes along that doesn’t just change the playing field, but it kind of blows the whole stadium out.  you start over, and you’re reinventing the game and how we watch it, and the players are totally different.  their message is unique and daring and our impressions and the way we deal with them aren’t the same ever again. 
well, this was one of those shows.

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